Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adieu For Now

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Welcome to the (second to) last podcast of the FM Experiment with DJ Joyride from KNDS 96.3FM Fargo-Moorhead. I do have 1 more show to post, but I've already packed the computer that contains the files. The last show, which aired on October 28th, 2011, was sprinkled with call-in messages from the DJs, promoters, and friends that I have worked with over the last 8 years at the station. I think it made the show pretty special.

Please keep in touch with me. I hope that it will not take long to begin creating new greatness in Portland, OR. My phone: 612-234-1143 and nicholas.goodroad [at] gm ~a~ --- take time now to add me to your contact list.

Looking to the Future, Joyride gazes at the stars. KEEP IN TOUCH.

(mp3 file - duration 2:00.00)