Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Last FM Experiment

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It just came to my attention that I never posted the last episode of The FM Experiment to the Podcast Archive. It was such an amazing thing to prepare this program for you week in and week out, to work with promoters and artists across the region and around the world to grow our special city in the valley.

The last FM Experiment was very special. More than 30 people left messages on my info line to play during the show and the phone didn't stop ringing the entire time.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do.

Chuck Love (left), Joyride and Star IV (right) at the Aquarium (FARGO)

(mp3 file - duration 2:00.00)

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Update: Since moving to Portland at the end of 2011, I have been back to Fargo 3 times. Each visit renews my faith in the skills and ambitions of my friends. FM Pride has grown so much since my first year working with them and I hope they continue to bring me back. I currently have 2 trips to Fargo planned in 2014 (Mid-June and Early August). I welcome you to contact me if you would like to schedule another event while I am in the area... and if you're going to be in Portland, we will have a GREAT time. Reach out!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Time Travel Possible?

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You should know about the coming global event on December 21st. No, it's NOT going to be the end of the world. Rather, a huge opportunity for a global awakening. YES, we are talking about Time Travel here.

Click the Image to visit the I Am Time Loop Facebook Page. Then, Pledge and Attend an Event.