Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Time Travel Possible?

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You should know about the coming global event on December 21st. No, it's NOT going to be the end of the world. Rather, a huge opportunity for a global awakening. YES, we are talking about Time Travel here.

Click the Image to visit the I Am Time Loop Facebook Page. Then, Pledge and Attend an Event.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to create a situation in our very near future in which definitive undeniable proof of time travel presents itself in a GRAND fashion for the whole world to see.

Why we need your help:
It's very possible that the ability to Travel through time will be achieved within our lifetimes.  However, similar to how limited space travel is today there may only be a select few people who actually get a shot at it.

So...the more people who consciously make a decision today to attempt to do this at some point in the future the more likely we will succeed! Can you imagine a million people all pledging to visit themselves on Dec 21, 2012. If it is possible, Surely 1 out of a million will make the trip or at least pass on the message.

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