Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode 4: Red Hot Cars & Marconi

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Late start because I was taking care of my g/f's headache. Don't stress though... and for those who are(stressed, that is) The first hour is for the chill vibin mo-fo's out there. The clouds float gently by until the 7 o'clock hour hits massively.

[ 6:10 ]
Squarepusher - Red Hot Car
Junior Varsity - Fourshadowing (High Bias remix feat DJ Swingsett & J Warren)
Beastie Boys - Flute Loop
Apparat - Hold On (Chris De Luca vs. Phon.O mix)
L'Oef Raide - Demon Lover

[ 6:30 ]

Cut Chemist - The Garden
Lovage - To Catch A Thief
Lovage - Book of the Month (album "Music to make love to your old lady by")
Meat Beat Manifesto - Untold Stories
Crazy Penis - 3 Play It Cool
Block 16 - Slow Hot Wind
4Hero - Loveless featuring Ursula Rucker

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