Monday, August 13, 2007

The Middle of a 3-week Hiatus

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For all of you ANXIOUS for another experiment or two, you can visit the home of DJ Joyride at:

If you visit the audio page you will find hours of live and mastered sets along with single tracks produced by DJ Joyride and other members of the Icedbreaks Crew.

Otherwise, you'll have to wait another 11 days to hear another FM Experiment via KNDS radio. I know, 3 weeks of vacation seems like a lot, but I've crammed a lot into the two weeks thus far and I'll be spending this Friday and Saturday night(Aug 17 & 18) at LOG JAM FESTIVAL with ticket-winners from KNDS:

Dillon - Winner of 1 all-inclusive ticket and a Log Jam Glowstick
Tom - Winner of 1 all-inclusive ticket and a Down-Lo T-shirt
Jeff - Grand Prize winner of 2 all-inclusive Log Jam tickets!!!

We'll be back in-studio with a recap of the last 3 CRAZY weeks on Friday, August 24th.

If you've got a really big heart or have a desire to support those with Muscular Distrophy, I'll be going to jail to raise money for MD on Thursday, August 23rd. If you can spare a couple of dollars to a very worthy cause, here is a link to my volunteer page. GO

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