Sunday, September 14, 2008

Producer Challenge // KNDS 96.3FM

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Calling ambitious electronic music producers...

Project: Sound Identity

Create an echoic identity for KNDS' Friday Night Frequency Sessions. 3 Categories of production are needed.

(1) Non-Session Liner: short (5-15 seconds) spot to be aired throughout the day, outside of the friday night line-up.

(2) In-Session Liners: Short spots that remind listeners that they are listening to the Friday Night Frequency Sessions.

  • You are listening to a particular program on KNDS' Friday Night Freq (or variation)
  • Reminder of the night's programming lineup.
  • "Stay-tuned for more bangin remixes and mashup on..., etc."(or variation)
(3) In Show SFX Identity: Submit your produced instrumental music or identity blips (sfx) for use as speaking beds, song transition fillers, or song overlays. A set of consistent sounds is ideal. Also, quick (1-4 sec.) Station ID's ("KNDS 96.3FM, Friday Night Freq" )
  • Music beds should be at least 1 min 30 sec
  • Desirable SFX include, but should not be limited to: lasers, frequency sweeps, blips, rewinds, gunshots, rasta shoutouts... whatever you think fits our programming. 
  • Tip: Start with your background music, record a non-session liner, then an in-session liner. Take snippits of these recordings for station ID's.
Deadline for Submission:
Please submit your entries before October 1, 2008

Questions and Submissions
Send your questions and submissions (192Kbps .mp3 preferred) to DJ Joyride at:
Write the same address for details on the night's line-up, etc.

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