Sunday, October 19, 2008

1 Hour Stanton Warriors Promo Mix

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I left DW in charge of The Experiment on Friday in order to see the Stanton Warriors turn a high-class, dress-code dance club on 1st Avenue in Minneapolis into a hand-pumping, gyrating, pulsing frenzy. It was worth every second, and I'd like to share parts of my experience with you. Below, you'll find a slideshow gallery from the night and a 1 hour promo set recorded by Stanton Warriors about 15 days ago. Feel the flow... please respond. ~ Joyride

(above: this should be a slideshow of the Stanton Warriors show @ Envy)
The entire photo gallery of their show in Minneapolis is here:  
(thanks to Sound In Motion)

And now for the audio: 
Stanton Warriors October 2008 Promo Mix 
(just a piece of what we heard) (.MP3) 
Our favorite parts of the set*:
"Hands Up, Thumbs Down ... Represent that B-Town"
Body Language (Bookashade) + "I've got 1 in the front, and 2 in the back. I've got so much Booty I Don't Know how to act"
Simian + Breakbeats "Because We Are - - Your Friends, You'll Never Be Alone Again"
Frankie Valli - Beggin'
Those deep, bleepy, farty basslines!
"Shake It Up Girl, Shake It Like It's For The Camera"'
(* some of these samples only made it to the live performance that was twice as long as this recording)

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