Friday, June 11, 2010

Stromae - Alors on danse (Euro Hit)

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Thanks to a friend in Chicago for sending this Euro Hit by Stromae...

All the stress and worry of the world may exist and weigh you down -- And then you dance!

More liberating truths have seldom been spoken.

Qui dit étude dit travail,
Qui dit taf te dit les thunes,
Qui dit argent dit dépenses,
Qui dit crédit dit créance,
Qui dit dette te dit huissier,
Oui dit assis dans la merde.
Qui dit Amour dit les gosses,
Dit toujours et dit divorce.
Qui dit proches te dis deuils car les problèmes ne viennent pas seul.
Qui dit crise te dis monde dit famine dit tiers- monde.
Qui dit fatigue dit réveille encore sourd de la veille,
Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes.
Alors on danse… (X9)
Et la tu t'dis que c'est fini car pire que ça ce serait la mort.
Qu'en tu crois enfin que tu t'en sors quand y en a plus et ben y en a encore!
Ecstasy dis problème les problèmes ou bien la musique.
Ca t'prends les trips ca te prends la tête et puis tu prie pour que ça s'arrête.
Mais c'est ton corps c’est pas le ciel alors tu t’bouche plus les oreilles.
Et là tu cries encore plus fort et ca persiste...
Alors on chante
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
Alors on chante
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala

Alors on chante (x2)
Et puis seulement quand c’est fini, alors on danse.
Alors on danse (x7)
Et ben y en a encore (X5)

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Actually I've no idea how to translate this structure : 'who says A says B'.
But it simply means 'A always implies B'.
Who says studies say work
Who says job [taf is the slang for emploi] tells you dough
Who says money says expense
Who says credit says claim
Who says debts tells you baillif
Yes, sitting in the shit [I guess it's the Belgian slang way to say what in France we call
'being in the shit']
Who says love says kids
Says 'forever' [a French proverb says Amour rime avec toujours : 'love
rhymes with always'.] and says divorce.
Who says family and friends [les proches implies both] says you
bereavement/grief; indeed problems don't come alone.
Who says crisis tells you world, starvation and Third-World
Who says tiredness says awakening, still deaf because of the previous day
So we go out to forget our trouble
So everybody dance (x9)
And here you think that's over, for the only thing worse than that would be death
When at last you believe it works out, when there's no more [trouble] left, there are still
Is the music or the trouble, the trouble or the music ?
It gives you a stomachache, a headache then you pray so that it stops
But that's your body not Heaven so you don't stop your ears anymore
And here you scream even louder and it persists
So everybody sings
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
So everybody sings
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
So everybody sings (x2)
And only when that's over... (so everybody dances)
So everybody dances (x7)
Well, there are [trouble] left! (x5)


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