Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art de Trois: a fine new years experience

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A message from Amber Parsons (Director, Midwest Mud)
I am the director of Midwest Mud, we recently became members of the FMVA. The reason I am contacting you is to inform you about an event that involves Midwest Mud, SeaGrave Studios, and Roberts Street Studio. Our creative efforts are uniting to throw a New Years Eve event called Art de Trois. The idea behind the event is to unit downtown art with downtown businesses. The slogan for the event is Fine Art, Fine Dining, Fine Experience.  The event will be hosted at the newly opened Station House Cooperative as sort of a soft grand opening/ house warming event. This will be a black tie event, where ceramic artists from Midwest Mud and Roberts Street Studio will be creating the dinnerware and the Green Market Kitchen has been invited to do the catering (this is were we get the Fine Art crossed with Fine Dining). The Fine Experience comes from the dance that will be held in the Sea Graves Studio located at 916 Main Ave and hosted by Icebreaks Entertainment. We will be selling tickets at Green Market and Nicole's Fine Pastry for $45.00/person. This price includes the meal from Green Market and the dinner ware which they meal is served. 

In conjunction with the studio are also looking for artist to donate art for an art benefit to help support the event and the studios. The works donated will be displayed two week prior to the event at Red Raven Espresso Parlour, also located in the Station House. Promotional media will be released for this event at the end of this week. 
If you have any questions please contact me at 701-219-3388 

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