Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Backstreet Boys Re-Hashed

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My friend, James, at the Music Without Turntables Podcast is a prolific remixer that got is soulful start in the same 2-step and Garage music that I did. I envy his ability to put remixes together on the regular... like this one. It's a remix of We've Got It Going On that he put together while mashing up the original music video. I hope you enjoy it.


Over my lunch break today, I was lucky to interview the incomparable Adam Freeland, head of Marine Parade Records for airing on The FM Experiment this Friday night. Adam has been a huge influence on my love of breakbeat, nu skool, and funk/rock fusion music for years. The new incarnation of FREELAND, an album and tour called COPE, features the ultimate rock/electro combo with recording talents Tommy Lee, Twiggy Ramirez, and Joey Santaigo. Get tuned into the show this Friday night to hear the interview.

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Pinky said...

This note came in from Pinky:

dude, i used to love the backstreet boys and i lost interest in them when I grew up, but this makes me love them all over again, i never thought that anybody would even play with something like that and make it ballin. well they are still cool, but that makes it even cooler, thank you!